The ship Aquarius will resume operation to rescue migrants

© RIA Novosti / Alejandro Martinez to Velutinate in photomontage Aquarius with migrants on Board. Archival photoThe ship Aquarius will resume operation to rescue migrants© RIA Novosti / Alejandro Martinez to Velutinate the image Bank

The ship Aquarius in the next two weeks will resume the operation to rescue migrants in the Mediterranean sea, despite the unresolved question of the possibility of their landing in European ports, a spokesman for the nonprofit organization SOS Méditerranée in an interview with radio station RTS.

The ship Aquarius belonging to humanitarian non-governmental organization SOS Méditerranée, at the end of June arrived in the port of Marseille for refueling, resupply and crew change.

According to the Director General of the Swiss branch of SOS Méditerranée Caroline Abu Saadi, currently in the Mediterranean sea there is not a single vessel of non-governmental organizations, but workers continue to regularly attempt to reach Europe by sea, which led to a sharp increase in the number of deaths.

«We decided to go back to sea as soon as possible, primarily due to the increase in mortality in recent weeks. For four weeks there have been more than a thousand deaths, it’s just a huge figure, so we are planning to go or next week, or next week» — said Abu Saad in an interview.

She stated that the mission to rescue migrants at sea — the result of the lack of a European institutional system to rescue people at sea. As soon as this system appears, the NGO SOS Méditerranée ready to stop his mission.

The situation with the vessel Aquarius has caused a European scandal. The authorities of Italy and Malta have closed their ports to the vessel, on Board of which there were more than 600 migrants, they agreed to accept Spain.

Europe is experiencing the most serious since the Second world war the migration crisis in the first place, next to armed conflicts and economic problems in Africa and the Middle East.

The ship Aquarius will resume operation to rescue migrantsMigrants in Europe: how and where to sail