«This is madness»: how hotels and restaurants earned the 2018 world Cup

© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Kallinikova in fotobabbles on red square in Moscow«This is madness»: how hotels and restaurants earned the 2018 world Cup© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Kallinikova the image Bank

MOSCOW, July 13 — RIA Novosti, Natalia Dembinski. Ahead of the final, but is already the first economic calculations: for more than three weeks tourists spent in Russia more than 20 billion rubles. The lion’s share of the costs occurred in the transport, including air travel 14 billion. In second place — hotels and restaurants. Who and how many earned at the tournament and why the League was scared off by the «traditional» tourists — in the material RIA Novosti.

Hostels — four-time revenue

The world Cup has raised prices in Russian hotels in the middle half. Hoteliers admit: I would take more, but was prevented by legal restrictions. To moderate the appetite of the industry, the authorities back in the spring specified a maximum price depending on category of hotels. So, the luxury in a five-star hotel in Saint-Petersburg can not be more expensive than 700 thousand rubles a day. And one star hotel in Samara region does not have the right to ask the guest more than 2,250 rubles. About the same take a bed in the capital’s hostels — this, of course, fair players in the market still most.

In large cities it was the hostels were very popular with the fans who came to the championship of the companies. And the most profitable for their owners appeared first ten days of the tournament.

According to experts, claimed there were hotels in all price segments — was decisive not price, and efficiency. «Someone «sold» to the max, and someone has balanced a proposal. All the result is spectacular,» notes the analyst.

From the hotel behind the restaurants — and not just the ones in hotels.

«Financial indicators we will not disclose, I can say one thing: such a powerful revenue we never had, from the very first day of existence», — told RIA Novosti the owner of one of the Ekaterinburg cafe.

Along with visiting bars in the big cities flocked to fast food restaurants network. «Due to the large number of tourists in the cities hosting matches of world Cup football, the flow of guests in the KFC restaurant with Central location and close to the fan zones and stadiums increased on average by 20 percent», — commented in the Yum! Brands, which manages KFC chain in Russia and CIS.

«The biggest economic effect will the city, where mass tourism is non-core phenomenon and the hotels built for the championship, for example Saransk. As for cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg, a whole year for them will not superpositional rather small increase», — noted in Hospitality Income.

This is due to the fact that during such major events as the world Cup reduces the number of «traditional» tourists who purchase package tours.

Therefore, the growth of fan demand during the tournament hotel only compensate for the lack of guests during the season. Ordinary tourists are deterred by high prices, cancellation of excursions and noisy fans.

The championship was over, all dispersed, there was a lull, and the demand will fall sharply, worried hoteliers.

The decline in tourist traffic and predict the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR), but explain that the demand will move to the end of the season — August-September. And in full effect from the world Cup, the Russian tourist industry will be felt in 2019: the number of tourists in the country will grow by more than 20 percent — largely due to the infrastructure built in preparation, and a General increase in interest in Russia as an attractive tourist destination.