With the speed of the su-15. The Audi driver clocked up to 378 kilometers per hour

© Fotolia / BokicboПриборная panel of the car. Archival photo<img src="/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2018/07/86c198e7d75df000290546571ee5e01a.jpg" alt="With the speed of the su-15. The Audi driver clocked up to 378 kilometers per hour" />© Fotolia / Bokicbo

In the Internet appeared the video, where the owner of the Audi RS6 accelerates to 378 kilometers per hour. The video was posted on the page Majorka_777_ on instagram.

Publication of Majorka_official (@majorka_777_) 12 Jul 2018 2:05 PDT

«(The author of the video. — Approx. ed.) made the track in the Moscow region the airstrip for your Audi RS6. <…> A very serious dynamic performance for such a car», — is reported under the roller, but users in the comments to the video noted that, most likely, the «race» took place on the territory of Germany.

In Russia the maximum permissible speed for passenger cars outside of the village is 90 kilometers per hour on motorways is 110 kilometers per hour. For speeding at 80 or more miles per hour the violator faces a fine in the amount of five thousand roubles or deprivation of the driving license for six months.

In comments to the video, some users have compared the car speed with the speed of a fighter. So, for example, operated until 1996, Soviet fighter-interceptor su-15 takes off at a speed of 370 kilometers per hour.

In instagram account Majorka_777_ repeatedly published videos with traffic violations. Previously, there was a video with the departure of the cars on oncoming lane and race through the streets of Moscow and underground pedestrian crossings. Users of social networks is credited with the authorship of this account to the representatives of the Golden youth.