A trifle, but nice. How much can you get for rare coins Russia

© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite in fotoracconti on the packing line.A trifle, but nice. How much can you get for rare coins Russia© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite to the photobank

If you have lying around the house bag and some change, not too lazy to carefully consider every coin suddenly find rarity, for which collectors are willing to shell out a tidy sum. On the most rare and expensive Russian coins — in the material RIA Novosti.

The Moscow mint — one, two and five rubles 2003

In Russia, two of the mint — Moscow (MMD) and St. Petersburg (SPMD). Their marks are under the paw of the eagle on the right on the obverse of the coin (obverse — eagle, obverse, reverse tails side).

If you find yourself holding coin in denomination of one, two or five roubles 2003 issue, pay attention to this mark. See «MMD» means lucky.

The fact that in 2003 the Moscow mint minted only ten — and pyatidesyatiletiya coins, and the party of rouble, dvuhrublevuyu and five-ruble coins issued in the capital as a gift to the delegations arriving in St. Petersburg for the 300th anniversary of the city. That’s just gift sets prepare not had time, and the finished coins left in stock. And three years later came into circulation and is now free to go on. For every coin collectors are willing to pay 30 thousand rubles.

Saint Petersburg mint is one, two, five and ten roubles in 2016

These coins SPMD is another example of hammered money, whose real value is significantly different from the nominal only by the stamp of the manufacturer.

Their value is that SPMD in recent years coins only commemorative coins, and everyone else is doing in Moscow. How they emerge in St. Petersburg — is unclear. Maybe it’s just the test batch to be sent in the free turn (not throw away).

Anyway, each coin can be worth up to 300 thousand rubles. For example, the set of all four coins in December 2016 was sold to no one «Doberman77» nearly 1.3 million rubles.

Ten rubles 2013 with the pre-revolutionary font

Sometimes the value of a coin is determined by quite a small, but unique detail. For example, a ten-ruble coins minted in 2013.

To sell this coin also can be about 300 thousand rubles. Feature — the font of the year. To distinguish a valuable find by the figure 3. Everyone in the bottom bullet point, and the cherished gold piece she ends with a straight tail in the manner of pre-revolutionary font.

Ten rubles 2011 — SPMD

In St. Petersburg these coins were minted only 13 pieces, as in 2011, ten-should have been released just for MMD. Great value for a numismatist. The approximate cost of each 100 thousand rubles.

As in the case of coins of 2003, released on MMD, the only thing that separates an ordinary little thing from expensive rarity, a seal of the manufacturer under the paw of the eagle on the obverse.

Sometimes you don’t need to examine the coin under a magnifying glass, trying to see the differences in the shape of numerals or belonging to a particular mint. Simply pay attention to the year of issue.

The value of a five-ruble coin minted in 1999 that in 1997 and 1998, was printed so many dimes that need to put them into circulation do not occur within the next ten years. So the five in this period was stamped in single copies. For such a rarity, it is also possible to gain up to 300 thousand rubles.


Collectors appreciate not only rare coins of certain years, but a factory defect. For example, in one of the auctions is offered a ten-dollar commemorative coin, the minting of which the elements made of different metals, separated. Its owner is ready to part with rarity for 20 thousand rubles.

You can also find rouble coins chipped stamps. They give much cheaper for 500 rubles each. And desjatilopastnye coin 2008 with a similar chip offering twice the price. So this marriage, and who earnings.