Golikova assured that Kazan is ready to host the WorldSkills championship-2019

© RIA Novosti / Nina ЗотинаWorldSkills Kazan 2019Golikova assured that Kazan is ready to host the WorldSkills championship-2019© RIA Novosti / Nina zotina

Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova, who oversees social bloc, said that Kazan is ready to host the world Cup WordSkills in 2019.

«I would like to assure you once again that the Russian Federation is ready to host the world Championships in Kazan and the European event in St. Petersburg in 2022,» — said Golikova WorldSkills President Simon Bartley at their joint meeting on Friday.

She also noted that up to 50% brought the proportion of colleges in which competence-based qualifications in accordance with the requirements of WorldSkills is a form of final assessment, and also provides the use in the system of secondary professional education requirements of WorldSkills as the basic principles of objective evaluation of results of training of the workforce.

«Thanks to the preparation for the championship can be seen that the roll in the direction of economic specialties is shifted to the technical. Demo exam for WorldSkills standards is Russia’s only independent evaluation of training», – said Deputy Prime Minister.

In turn, the WorldSkills President Bartley noted the economic effect of the world Cup WorldSkills 2019, which, in his opinion, will exceed «the economic effect of the football world Cup in Russia in 2018».

The world championship of professional skills WorldSkills Competition will be held in Kazan in the summer of 2019. It is expected that the participants will be about 1.6 thousand young people under the age of 22 (in some competencies up to 25 years) of 65 to 70 countries. Determine the best in over 50 skills. It is expected about 250 thousand visitors.

WorldSkills international is a worldwide movement whose goal is to promote working professions, raising the status and standards of vocational training and qualifications across the globe. The world championship WorldSkills is the world’s largest competition of professional skill. The Russian Federation joined the international movement WorldSkills in 2012. Regional Championships are held in more than half of subjects of the Russian Federation.

Kazan in 2014 and 2015, took second and third national Championships WorldSkills Russia. Also the capital of Tatarstan is preparing to host the next national championship of professional skills in 2018. At the General Assembly of WorldSkills International in Sao Paulo in August 2015, Kazan was chosen as the host city for the world championship WorldSkills 2019. For this right the Kazan competed with Paris and Charleroi, Belgium.

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