In the Federation Council proposed to make a geographical indication, the object of intellectual property rights

© RIA Novosti / Solovieva in photobackgrounds tea. Archival photoIn the Federation Council proposed to make a geographical indication, the object of intellectual property rights© RIA Novosti / Solovieva the image Bank

The Federation Council proposes to introduce into the Civil code a new object of intellectual property rights – «geographical indication», document submitted to the Duma, said on Friday the press service of the Council.

The bill prepared by the group of senators headed by the speaker of the upper house of Parliament Valentina Matviyenko. It is aimed at improving legal regulation in the sphere of protection of appellations of origin and introduction to the Civil code a new independent object of intellectual property rights,

According to senators, the popularization and promotion of regional brands are extremely important to the Federation Council as the chamber of regions. All the subjects of the Russian Federation is a cultural, geographical and economic peculiarities and differences that can become competitive advantages.

The Russian regions have high potential in terms of the availability of goods, the uniqueness of which is due to geographical location and transmitted from generation to generation traditions, such as «Krasnodar tea», «the Bashkir honey», «Khokhloma», «Dulevo porcelain», «Tula gingerbread» and many others.

Promoting the positive image of each subject or of the city, the development of territorial brands can be an important source of replenishment of regional budgets, according to developers of the bill.

As shows domestic and world practice, one of the most effective legal mechanisms for the promotion of territorial brands – the use of such means of individualization as an appellation of origin of goods (AOO). Russia has already formed a modern legal framework in this area. The presence of a registered appellation of origin guarantees the consumer a special, often unique properties of the product, say the authors of the project.

However, according to the senators, along with the IO, in legal terms needs to be protected and geographical indications. Today there is a request for an introduction to the legal field independent of the object of intellectual property rights – geographical indications. Primarily, this is due to the convenience of the state registration of such a facility.

In accordance with international standards, for products with a geographical indication is subject to more lenient requirements. In particular, to distinguish a geographical indication from IO is the fact that the production of a product protected appellation of origin, all production steps must be carried out in a specific region, and for use of the subject matter «geographical indication» not all production steps must be carried out in one region (for example, for the wine – 15% of the grapes may come from another region).

Introduction in the legal turnover notion of «geographical indication» as an object of intellectual property rights may be effected by adjustment of the Civil code, the author of the bill.

These changes are consistent with global trends, say the developers. In may 2015, was adopted the Geneva act of the Lisbon agreement, which gives the opportunity to carry out international registration of appellations of origin not only, but also for geographical indications.