In the fortress of Oreshek will be a historical festival

© RIA Novosti / Dina Danilovgrad Nut. Archival photoIn the fortress of Oreshek will be a historical festival© RIA Novosti / Dina Danilova

Historical festival «the Guardian at the source of the Neva» held in the Oreshek fortress in the Leningrad region, the press service of the State Museum of history, which includes a fortress.

«14 and 15 July 2018 in the fortress Oreshek (Shlisselburg town, the island Walnut) will be a historical festival «the Guardian at the source of the Neva», — stated in the message.

According to the press service, every day the visitors of the Oreshek fortress will be able to see a Grand historical reconstruction, reminiscent of the heroic pages in the military history of the fortress. «On the shore of the island, the Novgorod warriors of the XIV century reflect the landing of Swedish troops. In the walls of the fortress archers, and the militia of the seventeenth century stands in the way of «iron» troops-General of the warlock de La Gardie. Amid the ruins of a fourth cell block will fight against the Nazi invaders, the defenders of the fortress during the great Patriotic War», — stated in the message.

The reconstruction will involve the club of medieval martial arts and historical reconstruction «Banner. Russian Druzhina», the historical fencing Studio «Silhouette», the club of historical reconstruction «North hut» and others.

Visitors to the fortress can participate in more than 15 workshops and stuff, where items of folk culture, stroll through the medieval fair and eat away at the tavern.

In the framework of the cultural programme of the festival — the performance of folk-rock group «Evidens» and «Khol», puppet theatre and dance-game program.

In the interactive area «of Space the tent of the Astrologer» guests can look through telescopes at the Sun and the moon, and make the «astroinfo».