Russia concerned by U.S. position on the «Nord stream-2,» said Ushakov

© Photo : Nord Stream 2Производство pipes for gas pipeline Nord stream-2. Archive photoRussia concerned by U.S. position on the «Nord stream-2,» said Ushakov© Photo : Nord Stream 2

Moscow concerned by U.S. position on countering «Nord stream-2» and is ready to present its case on the topic, said the assistant to the Russian leader Yury Ushakov.

«We are of course concerned about America’s position on anti-implementation of the European project «Northern stream-2″. If it comes up (at the meeting of leaders of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump edition), we present the corresponding argument, and, in our view, the question is about economic competition, freedom of economic competition», — said Ushakov told reporters.

«Places for energy supplies to Europe will suffice for all, and, therefore, the American position seems counterproductive and contrary to the basic rules of international trade and economic relations in General,» he added.