Scientists have found that eating five thousand years ago

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A group of scientists under the leadership of the Italian research centre Eurac Research conducted an analysis of the stomach contents of 5300-year old mummy of a man, ötzi, which established what became his last meal, according to a published in the journal Current Biology study.

Reportedly, with the help of microscopy techniques, the scientists were able to detect in the body of ötzi the remains of a poisonous fern, fresh or dried goat meat, deer and grasses.

«He apparently had a diet with a high content of fat,» the researchers write. Animal fat was 46% found stomach contents of ötzi. According to scientists, the choice of food was associated with the need to constantly make energy for hunting.

Your last meal, the researchers write, ötzi managed to eat from 30 minutes to two hours before his death. It is believed that ötzi died at the age of 45 years as a result of a two-day fight with their contemporaries.

The mummy of a man of the Chalcolithic era were discovered in 1991 in the Ötztal Alps and is considered one of the oldest mummies in the world. The age of ötzi, as the mummy is called due to the fact that she was found near the ötz valley is about 5300 years.