The source reported the detention of combatants in Syria

© RIA Novosti / Ali Kamalpreet in fotoracconti law enforcement agencies in Azerbaijan. Archival photoThe source reported the detention of combatants in Syria© RIA Novosti / Ali Kamalpreet the image Bank

The state security service (SGB) of Azerbaijan detained a group of individuals involved in the fighting in Syria, one of them took an active part in the riots in the city of Ganja in Western Azerbaijan, where previously there was an armed attack on the mayor and two policemen were killed during clashes, told RIA Novosti source in law enforcement bodies of the country.

Earlier, the interior Ministry of Azerbaijan reported that the police thwarted an unauthorized rally in the city of Ganja, about 40 people were detained during the clashes killed two police officers. The protesters were in support of detainees on the case of attempt at the head of the city Elmar Valiyev. The Prosecutor General’s office opened a criminal case.

Previously, the government of Azerbaijan reported that the head of Executive power of Ganja, the second largest city of the Republic, and his bodyguard Gazim Abazov injured in the attack. A suspect in committing a crime a 35-year-old citizen of Russia Yunis Safarov was detained by police at the scene.

The criminal case created investigative team, law enforcement agencies have classified the incident as a «premeditated terrorist act with the aim of creating the country’s excitement, chaos and panic and, ultimately, the organization of a violent seizure of power.» Investigation took under personal control the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.

«Yunis Safarov, who committed an attempt on the life of Executive power head in Ganja, was formerly sent into Syria, some Thedom Ibrahimbeyli, who currently resides in Iran. The purpose of sending Yunis Safarov in Syria had been passing them military training and participation in hostilities. Tohid, Ibrahimbeyli, which performs regularly with the radical calls against Azerbaijan, in January 2017, called for the murder of the head of Ganja Elmar Veliyev on the website of the radical Shiites,» the source said.

It was found that from 2013 to 2016, Ibrahimbeyli gathered in the Iranian city of Gum, a number of citizens of Azerbaijan with a view to their further transportation to Syria to participate in fighting in illegal armed groups. For participation in hostilities, these individuals received financial compensation.

«It became known that close relatives of Tohid, Ibrahimbeyli — Habib Ibrahimli, Parviz Musayev, Elmir of shadow and a Taleh Geusau participated in a secret training camp organized by Thedom, Ibrahimbeyli in Gum, and then underwent military training and participated in the fighting in illegal armed formations on the territory of Syria, along with Yunis Safarov. It was found that the Taleh Geusau was also an active participant in illegal action in Ganja on July 10 of this year. In connection with these illegal actions 14 July 2018, these individuals were detained by officers of the state security Service», — said the source.

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