The United States filed a complaint with the WTO for retaliatory tariffs of several countries

© AFP 2018 / Fabrice CoffriniШтаб-apartment world Trade Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. Archival photo<img src="/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2018/07/b4015503739d134ad15347325678b7cf.jpg" alt="The United States filed a complaint with the WTO for retaliatory tariffs of several countries” />© 2018 AFP / Fabrice Coffrini

The U.S. filed a world trade organization complaint against China, the EU, Canada, Mexico, and Turkey to impose retaliatory duties after the increase in American tariffs on aluminium and steel. The document published on the website of the U.S. trade representative.

«Retaliatory measures imposed on U.S. exports by China, the EU, Canada, Mexico and Turkey, do not comply with international rules,» — said in a statement.

In Washington, stressed that the introduction of an administration trump duties on exports of steel and aluminum, in turn, corresponds to the international trade rules and laws of the United States.

«Instead of working together to solve common problems, some trading partners have decided to go for retaliatory measures aimed at punishing American workers, farmers and companies,» — said in connection with the filing of the appeal to the WTO, U.S. trade representative Robert Lighthizer.

In his remark, introduced in response to the us measures violate the duties assumed by the members of the WTO obligations. «The United States will take all necessary measures to protect their interests, and we encourage trading partners to work constructively with us to address the problems created by massive and constant abundance of the steel and aluminum sectors,» the statement reads.

USA, justifying its steps by reasons of national security, in March imposed import duties on steel supplies in the amount of 25% aluminum — 10%. In relation to the EU and some other countries they came into force in June. Almost all countries whose producers are faced with new duties, announced the preparation and conduct of response that raised fears of a «trade war».