The head of the Kolyma river proposes to transfer the region to be heated by electricity

© Fotolia / ѕеап824Линии power. Archival photoThe head of the Kolyma river proposes to transfer the region to be heated by electricity© Fotolia / sean824

Acting Magadan oblast Governor Sergey Nosov at the meeting with the head of the «far Eastern energy managing company» Dmitry Selyutin suggested to competently use large energy intensity of the region and to consider a number of settlements to heating with electricity, said on Tuesday the government of the Kolyma river.

«Far Eastern energy management company» (DVEUK) four years ago, completed the construction of the Kolyma power lines «Central – Falcon – Tent». Now DVEUK engaged in the line 220 kV «Orotukan – Tent – Central» with a length of more than 370 kilometers. The project is planned to be commissioned before the end of this year. Line provides electricity to Magadan and allows you to send additional power to the Yano-Kolyma gold province.

«Perhaps it would be more efficient cost. It is not counted here for a long time. We need effective technologies for use in social infrastructure. Gas here will not be to constantly carry the oil is also difficult. We have electricity, which moves to the consumer at the speed of light. And in order to deliver it in the right place, we have to have a plan, we have to be investors», — quotes Nosov, the government of the Kolyma river.

Supplemented that Nosov noted the fact that in the Magadan region there was disproportion with the power consumption that is a burden of high tariffs on the residents and business.

«We need re-engineering development of the territory. We associate with it the possibility of improving the quality of life of people, including, and in those towns with less population. I am confident that with the development of engineering infrastructure of towns will be able to development. For example, village Transport, where the two largest Mining. Another direction is the development of the perspective areas for exploration of gold and base metals. There also needs electricity. That’s what we have to do,» said Nosov.

Joint stock company «far Eastern energy management company» – leader in implementation of investment projects on development of electricity infrastructure in the far Eastern Federal district. The company, established in 2001 to improve management of the SDCs of RAO «UES of Russia» now controls the main volume of public investment aimed at the elimination of infrastructural constraints for socio-economic development of regions of the Far East. The volume of the investment program of the company in 2009-2017 years amounted to 71 billion rubles. The share capital of the company exceeds 60,2 billion.

The company in the last 12 years focused on large objects in the Far East. She created energy infrastructure on the island of Russian in Vladivostok, worked on projects in Yakutia, is supplied from the external power supply to the main gas pipeline «Power of Siberia».