«Just wanted respect.» What is known about the rebellion of workers at Tobolsk

© Photo : the Group «a Criminal Tobolsk» the social network «Vkontakte» the Situation at the site of SIBUR in Tobolsk«Just wanted respect.» What is known about the rebellion of workers at Tobolsk© Photo : the Group «a Criminal Tobolsk» the social network «Vkontakte»

In the Tyumen region, near Tobolsk, on the construction site «Zapsibneftekhim» there was a mass brawl. Outraged by the working conditions and delayed wages, the workers sorted out the relations with the employees of the security service of the enterprise. RIA Novosti versed in the circumstances of the incident.

Overturned cars and broken doors

The first information about the riot, appeared in public the social network «Vkontakte» Criminal «Tobol» on July 15. Wrote about the crowd of angry workers, mostly migrant workers. Unhappy with salary delays, they decided to talk with the plant management. According to various estimates, gathered from a hundred to five hundred people. It was reported that they turned two.

Regional media completed the picture: protesters smashed the car of a member of «SIBUR» and broke down the door to the bus. «It happened after the car of a senior employee allegedly drove over the foot of one of the workers,» — says the journalists. According to their sources, to pacify the workers on the enterprise pulled almost all the forces of the Tobolsk police. Some protesters were taken away.

Videos and photos posted online, appear to be contradictory: it is clear that the crowd shouting goes somewhere, but what happens is unclear. The scale of the conflict are difficult to estimate and pictures of the cars affected by the riots. But serious damage visible.

Subcontractors not all clear on hand

Zapsibneftekhim under construction in Tobolsk plant group «SIBUR» for deep processing of by-products of oil and gas. It is the largest petrochemical project in the country since 1991. On the premises now operates several companies-contractors and subcontractors. And they periodically have difficulty with the workers.

«In SIBUR problems with the payments, everything is clear and the law. And subcontractors so much that the money from the «SIBUR» reach the last link of the chain is not immediately. Not all subcontractors clean the hands, and from this conflict», — told RIA Novosti one of the employees.

In particular, there are major subcontractor «Pander», it is the contractor — the Turkish company «Renaissance». The holding company «Renaissance» was founded in 1993 in St. Petersburg. According to local media, riot just gave came from Uzbekistan workers «Pandery». Employee of the company Timur (the names of those who talked to the correspondent of RIA Novosti, are not listed at their request) said that nobody was planning a rebellion, but at some point the situation got out of control.

«They just came to talk with the chief and the driver of the jeep took off all on video. He was asked not to shoot, but he has not fulfilled the request. The main complaint was not even a salary, but the disrespectful treatment of employees from Uzbekistan. As far as I know, they have a lot of questions on living conditions, nutrition. Moreover, the conflict concerns not all, but certain representatives of subcontractors», explains Timur.

Olga, the wife of one of the employees «Pandery», said that subcontractors withhold wages to almost everyone. Together with her husband they came to work from Yekaterinburg.

«The first three months the payment was today, after the scandals. And the amount of funny — three thousand rubles (screenshot SMS notifications is at the disposal of edition. — Approx. ed.). The Uzbeks do not pay, they live in terrible conditions. To say that it was a riot, it is premature, but the machine head and the bus really hurt. Three people were taken by ambulance to the hospital,» she said.

«Yesterday and today half of the welders do not work as their assistants, Uzbeks, do not exist. Someone was summoned to the police — apparently, to give evidence,» added the wife of the doorman.

Sewed his mouth — got paid

This is not the first incident. In 2016, one of the builders in protest sewed his mouth wire. Victor Larsen said that he was not paid a salary, and also complained that the living conditions in the dormitory not stand up to scrutiny. He mentioned the company «Evrostroy» — she, too, was subcontracting. The contract terminated.

«Having worked in construction for two months, we never got paid. We attributed the advances that has not been seen. Restrict food, threatened to evict from Dorm, do not give money on the street and generally treated like slaves,» said Larsen. After verification of the prosecution, the debts he and his colleagues paid wire from my mouth he pulled out.

«Just wanted respect.» What is known about the rebellion of workers at TobolskA year later, in 2017, were on strike the employees of subcontracting companies. Also because of delays in salary. Refused to go to work — they were not paid for two months.

Staffing situation

The company «SIBUR-Tobolsk» in response to the request, RIA Novosti gave the official version of events: the part of the workers of subcontracting organizations «Pander» July 15, gathered in the afternoon at the field office of «Renaissance» to discuss questions of wages, living conditions and nutrition.

«As a result, a conflict situation arose. Injuries to the driver and damaged his car. Driver sent to hospital», — have informed in the company.

According to acting head of corporate communications of the company «SIBUR Tobol» Marina Ishandy, information on the wage arrears have not been confirmed. «Employees of a subcontractor were made General comments on the conditions of transportation and accommodation, the quality of food. Currently, these claims are verified. The situation in the construction of the complex nominal», she commented.

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Nikolskiye in fotobanka the plant for the production of polypropylene, OOO «Tobolsk-polymer» (part of SIBUR holding) «Just wanted respect.» What is known about the rebellion of workers at Tobolsk© RIA Novosti / Alexei Nikolskiye in fotobanka the plant for the production of polypropylene, OOO «Tobolsk-polymer» (part of SIBUR holding)

On behalf of the Deputy Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Ponomarev organized check. The police find out the causes and circumstances of the incident. Inspection shall be conducted by and treatment of employees of subcontractor non-payment of wages. Office seized documents.

Meanwhile, the inhabitants of Tobolsk complain that subcontractors employment preference to workers from Uzbekistan or Turkey. Therefore, in the days of advance and wages the city is turning into «little Asia.»