A lion has bitten a woman in a Crimean Safari Park

© RIA Novosti / Pavel to Listenpreise in fotobanka. Archival photoA lion has bitten a woman in a Crimean Safari Park© RIA Novosti / Pavel to Listenpreise the image Bank

Leo was bitten by a woman while taking a picture with a lion in the Crimean Safari-Park «Taigan», the investigators launched an investigation, according to the Crimean Department of the RF IC.

In SK reported that 46-year-old woman in the Park booked the tour «Walk with lions» in the Park «Taigan». During the photo shoot with a lion is a predator had bitten her hand. The woman was hospitalized.

«Conducted preliminary examination», — stated in the SC.

Director of the zoo Oleh Zubkov RIA Novosti has confirmed the incident, assuring that the lives and health of women is not threatened.

«Young lion picked up a woman of 46 years old. Nothing terrible and fatal happens out there. Park of danger. People who bought an exclusive tour to warn about possible dangers. The accident happened, a young lion at the scent of alcohol from the woman, pulled her by the hand. Veins and ligaments are not torn, nothing to her health not in danger. We immediately rescued her and provided necessary medical aid», — said Zubkov.

According to him, the victim demanded a million rubles compensation.

«I refused, and then she went to complain to the police. The police understand, there will be a trial, if it comes to it,» he said. Director of the zoo emphasized that is ready to assist in treatment and to pay compensation, but these issues should be resolved by law.

The victim was a tourist from Kirov Olga Solomina, which said that the moment when a lion grabbed her by the arm, seemed to her an eternity.

«All I remember is that I sat beside this young lion took him by the mane, as I said. Just put your hand to. And in this moment leap into the brush and dragged me like a doll. I closed my eyes, and all grouped. Leo grabbed me and dragged me away. All the lions around immediately perked up. This, of course, seconds were, but to me they seemed to last forever. At this time I had to say goodbye to life. Thought now burst. Then I woke up, feet on the ground» — said Solomin in interview to TV channel «Crimea 24».

According to her, the Director of the zoo was looking after her, bandaged the wound, which was bleeding, and rushed to the infirmary.

Lions in Safari Park in the Belogorsk region are in an open fenced area. Watching them with bridges built around the perimeter of their habitat. You can also enjoy exclusive service «Walk with lions».