The inhabitant of Tatarstan has cut husband sawed grinder and buried

© Fotolia / ivanfffЖенщина in handcuffs. Archival photoThe inhabitant of Tatarstan has cut husband sawed grinder and buried© Fotolia / ivanfff

Investigators brought accusation in murder of the inhabitant of Tatarstan who was struck with an axe sleeping ex-husband and then dismembered the body with an axe and a grinder, according to the regional Department of insurance.

«The investigative authorities 32-year-old Olga Sterledeva charged with murder. According to investigators, on the night of June 7 in the village of Old Kakovo Agryz district, the accused went to slept a 32-year-old former spouse, twice hit him with an axe on the neck, and then dumped the body in the cellar and dismembered with an ax and grinders, — stated in the message.

According to investigators, several days later, the parents of the victim appealed to law enforcement bodies with the statement for disappearance of her son. Within carrying out quickly-search actions Sterledeva were asked to report to law enforcement.

«At this time, the woman was with a child in treatment in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny. She secretly came home and buried the remains of ex-husband in the territory of the household. But despite this, they were discovered by law enforcement officers during the inspection of the adjoining areas,» — says the Ministry.

Sterledeva wrote a confession and gave a confession. The court arrested her.