Ukrainian Dniproazot raised the cost of chlorine is almost five times

© Photo : JSC DNIPROAZOTПредприятие chemical industry of Ukraine Dniproazot. Archive photoUkrainian Dniproazot raised the cost of chlorine is almost five times© Photo : DNIPROAZOT JSC

Ukrainian company PJSC «DneprAzot» suggested direct deliveries of liquid chlorine, the price of which is almost five times more than last year’s value, said on Friday Victor Strashko — Director of the municipal enterprise «the aulsky conduit» providing Dnipropetrovsk oblast with drinking water.

Earlier Friday, Dniproazot reported that resumes of plants for the production of chlorine required for water purification.

According to Strashko, on Friday of «Dniproazot» — the only manufacturer of liquid chlorine in the country was proposed to carry out direct deliveries of liquid chlorine directly to the company-the utilities that provide consumers with drinking water.

«Very relevant offer, taking into account the fact that residues of liquid chlorine at water utilities is almost there. But the cost of chlorine increased to 47,208 thousand hryvnia (about 1.6 thousand dollars) per tonne including VAT, on a full (one hundred percent) payment. This is almost five times more than the «Nitrogen» were sold last year,» wrote Strashko on the page in Facebоok.

He noted that a substantial increase in the price of chlorine will affect the growth of tariffs for water, which will lead to further social aggravation.

«Water utilities do not have sources of financing of the increased costs for the purchase of liquid chlorine at inflated prices, this is not foreseen in the current tariff,» said Strashko.

In early July, «DneprAzot» reported that due to the cost of energy operations of the enterprise became unprofitable and has been completely stopped, including work chlorine group workshops, the production volume of which is 10% of the total. Later, the company stated that it is ready to resume production of chlorine and transferred to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine proposals to increase prices for products.

«Kyivvodocanal» reported that in connection with the termination of operation of the plant «Dniproazot» supply of water in the centralized water supply network in several regions and cities of Ukraine may be limited, and in some cities completely stopped.