In Los Angeles detained a man who barricaded himself in the store

© Fotolia / mario beauregardОфицер police in the USA. Archival photoIn Los Angeles detained a man who barricaded himself in the store© Fotolia / mario beauregard

Police in Los Angeles arrested a man who fled from law enforcement officers and barricaded himself in the store.

«We successfully took the suspect into custody without incident. The situation is even relevant, because the officers clean up the place», — said in a microblog of the police on Twitter.

Events began to develop with the shooting on another city street. According to CNN, the young man shot his grandmother and an unknown young girl. Then the suspect tried to outrun the cops in a Toyota Camry car belonging to his grandmother, a girl he, too, was put in the car. During the chase he shot several times at police officers, anybody from them has not suffered.

The pursuit ended when the suspect crashed the car and ran to the grocery store Trader Joe’s, where barricaded. Inside were the visitors, some of them managed to climb out the window. Arrived at the scene, 18 ambulances and more than a hundred firefighters.

It was reported that the incident is the victim is a girl of 20 years, which pulled out of the car and was taken to the hospital. It is unclear whether it is the same girl who was in one car with the gunman.