The cost of a missile defense system Aegis Ashore in Japan could rise, media reported

© AFP 2018 / Daniel MihailescuАмериканская ground-based missile defense system Aegis Ashore. Archival photoThe cost of a missile defense system Aegis Ashore in Japan could rise, media reported© 2018 AFP / Daniel Mihailescu

The defense Ministry of Japan plans to increase spending on the deployment of us ground-based missile defense Aegis Ashore 20-30% to 250 billion yen (about 2.22 billion dollars), writes in the Sunday newspaper «Mainichi» with reference to sources in military circles.

According to the source, the decision to increase costs was taken in order «the introduction of a new U.S. radar for detection and tracking twice the radar system for Aegis».

«The defense Ministry intends to include these costs in the budget for the next fiscal year (starts 1 April 2019 – ed.)», — stated in the message of the newspaper.

The government of Japan in December 2017 adopted the decision on placement in the country of the us ground-based missile defense Aegis Ashore. They plan to deploy in the prefectures of Akita, in the North-West of the country and in Yamaguchi in the South-West. It is understood that the radius of action will be able to cover the whole territory of the country. Each plant will cost Japan $ 100 billion yen (890 million dollars). Tokyo hopes that they come into operation until 2023.

Currently, ABOUT Japan secured the ships with the Aegis system, armed with missiles natmosphere intercept SM-3, as well as units of PAC-3 (the»patriot-3″) to engage missiles within the atmosphere at an altitude of 15-20 kilometers. The Aegis system installed on the destroyers, capable of hitting a ballistic missile at an altitude of 500 kilometers. The same ability has, and the ground system. It will actually duplicate the interception of missiles from the sea in case of such need.