Bolshoi theater completes 242-season premiere of Puccini’s «La Boheme»

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite in photobacteria of the State academic Bolshoi theatre of Russia in Moscow. Archival photoBolshoi theater completes 242-season premiere of Puccini’s «La Boheme»© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite the image Bank

Grand theatre ends its massive 242-season premiere of Giacomo Puccini’s Opera «La Boheme», the screenings will be held from Tuesday to Sunday on the new stage, the press service of the theater.

The plot of «La Boheme», borrowed from a popular novel by Henri murger «scenes from the life of Bohemia», has attracted two Italian composers Leoncavallo and Puccini, who wrote his «Bohemia» for 8 months. The premiere took place in 1896 on the stage of theatre «Regio» in Turin under the control of a 28-year-old Arturo Toscanini. The reaction of critics and the public were quite cool. Soon, however, «La Boheme» won the scene all over the world.

As he wrote to musicologist Gozenpud, «the sincerity and warmth with which Puccini has embodied in the music is touching, funny and sad events in the life of poor artists, poets and their friends, largely due to the fact that the composer knew his characters: once upon a time lessons at the Milan Conservatory, he often starved himself as they are.»

Premiere of the Opera «La Boheme» in Russia was held in 1897 in the Moscow Russian private Opera of Savva Mamontov. The performance was attended by Fyodor Chaliapin in the role of musician Sonar.

The Bolshoi theatre presents a new production of the Opera «La Boheme» by Puccini in the year of the 160th anniversary of the birth of the composer.

Creates performance young international team of choreographers and performers: conductor-Evan Rogister, Director Jean Roman Vesperini, scenographer Bruno de Lavenir, costume designer cédric Tirado.

«Virtually all artists age correspond to their characters. And my Director peers, we share the same artistic roots and teachers,» said music Director conductor Evan Rogister before the premiere.

Register not first found in the work with this Opera, Puccini — he conducted La Bohème in Berlin and Houston, but each time, according to him, he begins to re – examine this music is very layered with many shades and colors.

«I was in Russia for the first time, and a great honor for me to work at the Bolshoi theatre. For me in the front row of Opera orchestras in the world is the orchestra of the Bolshoi theatre. When we are talking about shades and colors, the freshness of the music Puccini, for me as a conductor it is important that musicians not only performed the music, and to have some of their own imagination that they could go after me in some kind of a world to every musician in the orchestra felt like an artist,» said Register.

According to the conductor, there are orchestras where the musicians come to work, but in the Bolshoi theatre orchestra and musicians came every day inspired by what they’re doing.

«La Boheme «by Puccini will always be contemporary because it talks about young people, their first love, which represents both the delight and the sense of insecurity, of fear… And this, I think, audible in music,» said Register.

As for the Director Jean-Vesperini of the Novel, he believes that his job is to make this play contemporary. He said this before the premiere.

«My goal as Director is to make the play modern, but not through the costumes and sets, and through acting, to make it modern, clean traditional gestures, peculiar to singers. To play so that their characters were perceived as today,» said Gasperini.

As for the traditional question of what «La Boheme», the Director replied: «Bohemia is a state of mind, that there are intuitively».

For the performance was made more than 200 costumes, and poodle, which is also involved in the production, was made a special collar.

In the premiere cast includes: Frame Lahai, Andrew Jelihovsky, Nikolay Kazansky, David Lee, Dinara Alieva, Olga Seliverstova, Otak, Kunchulia, Valery Gilmanov, Ivan Maximal.