Extreme race «In the heights» will be held in Lipetsk region

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Odinakovymi photolanguage in Russia. Lipetsk. Archival photoExtreme race «In the heights» will be held in Lipetsk region© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Odinakovymi the image Bank

About a thousand people from the Lipetsk region will take part in regional extreme race «At altitude», which will be held in the area on 25 August, the press service of the regional administration.

The race is «On top» is an extreme race with different types of sports obstacles. The race is organized in the framework of the regional priority project «Healthy region», which several years ago was initiated by the head of region Oleg Korolev.

«The desire to live a healthy lifestyle it is necessary to develop in each person. I believe that the activities of managers of different levels — from rural village to the region — you need to evaluate in the first place, by such indicators as the creation of conditions for physical training and sports, development of health care, formation of commitment to a healthy lifestyle and, as a result, the increased life expectancy of the population,» — said RIA Novosti Oleg Korolev.

Before the start of the race, until 25 August, all districts will be qualifying rounds. Among the tests will be the town of rope, a climbing wall, obstacles with rotating elements, the moats and other sports obstacles.

The final stage of the race the results of which the best participants will receive prize certificates will be held in the Wellness center of forest Park.