Fires in Greece have claimed the lives of 74 people

© AFP 2018 / Valerie GacheАвтомобили on the closed National road during the fire near Athens. Archival photoFires in Greece have claimed the lives of 74 people© AFP 2018 / Valerie Gache

In Greece on Monday, there have been several major fires, which have claimed more than 70 people in Attica declared a state of emergency.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has declared three-day mourning for the victims, the Prosecutor’s office of Greece launched an investigation into the causes of fires, and the military is preparing to take part in extinguishing the fires that swept Eastern Attica.

Forest fires are common in Greece during the summer season. In 2017, due to fires in several regions of the country imposed a state of emergency.

The fire wiped the settlement off the face of the earth

In the last days in Greece is 40-degree heat, and on Monday the situation was aggravated by strong winds, causing the fire could not cope with the fire.

According to official data, the fire service of Greece, on Tuesday morning, in East Attica 49 people died, 156 adults were injured, 16 hospitalized children. Later Sputnik Greece reported that the number of victims of fires has increased to 74, 164 were injured.

According to the latest data, among the victims were two tourists from Poland — mother and son.

«Despite the immediate and wide mobilization of fire forces, strong wind with gusts up to 9 points on the scale of Beaufort and the high rate of fire led to the rapid spread of its residential areas, so that residents and guests are unable to escape from the fire, when they were a few meters from the sea, or in cars,» — said the fire service. According to the Ministry, in Greece in the day, there were 47 forest fires, most were extinguished at an early stage.

The mayor of the district of Rafina-Pikermi Evangelos Burnous reported that burned more than a thousand houses and three hundred cars. Completely destroyed by fire, the settlement Mother. Thus in the Greek Fund for the use of state property HRADF reported with reference to the administration of the port of Rafina that all the routes of ships run in normal mode.

Tours — plan

The Russian Embassy in Greece said that among the dead and injured, according to preliminary data, there are no Russians.

Rosturizm recommended to the tourists staying in Greece, stay calm, follow the instructions of local authorities and avoid visiting the area of forest fires. According to the tour operators in Attica is about two thousand organized tourists from Russia, some messages from them to the hotline of the Federal tourism Agency has not yet been reported.

The Association of tour operators of Russia RIA Novosti reported that it did not expect a mass rejection of the booked tours. According to the Director of the representative office of the Greek national tourism organization in Russia and the CIS Polycarp, Efstathiou, the situation in the country caused by forest fires, will not affect the tourists. He stressed that Athens excursions are held according to plan. Major national road artery in the direction of the Peloponnese and Central Greece also have no problems.

The Association «Turpomosch» has reported that forest fires have not affected the hotel sector and threats to Russian compatriots in the rest no.

The EU is ready to help

Several European countries within the framework of mechanism of assistance in emergency situations expressed his willingness to help a neighbor in the fight with the fire element. Cyprus sent 45 firefighters, four rescuers and two fire trucks to Greece to assist local rescuers in the fight against large fires in the Metropolitan region of Attica.

However the European Commission refused to comment on speculation about criminal major causes of forest fires.

«I can’t speculate on this topic. As you rightly said, it is a question of national authorities. It is too early even for them, I think, to draw any conclusions. The task of the Commission is to give a quick response to the requests for assistance we used assistance mechanism, we have quotations from a number of countries,» — said the representative of the press service of the EC.

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