In Greece confirmed the death of 49 people in fires

© AFP 2018 / Angelos TzortzinisПожар in the town of Rafina in Greece. 23 July 2018In Greece confirmed the death of 49 people in fires© AFP 2018 / Angelos Tzortzinis

Fire brigade of Greece has officially confirmed the death of 49 people in strong fires per day.

«The death toll at the moment reached 49 people and injured 156 adults, 11 of them are in critical condition. In addition, 16 children were hospitalized, their lives are out of danger»,- stated in the message of the fire service.

Severe fires occurred in the West and in the East Metropolitan region of Attica.

Near the settlement of Mati on the Eastern Attica were found the bodies of 25 dead, according to firefighters.»Despite immediate and significant mobilization of fire forces, strong wind with gusts up to 9 points on the Beaufort scales, and high rate of fire led to the rapid spread of its residential areas, so that residents and guests are unable to escape from the fire, when they were a few meters from the sea, or in their cars»,- stated in the message.

According to the fire service in Greece in the day, there were 47 forest fires, most were extinguished at an early stage.

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