In Riga doubt that the EU is able to help in extinguishing peat

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The EU may not be able to help Latvia in extinguishing a large fire in the woods and on peatbogs in Valdaisky parish, Talsi region, said on air of radio Baltkom Deputy head of the state firefighting and rescue service of the country, General Kristaps, Aclens.

Latvia has appealed to the 28 EU member countries in connection with a large fire of peat bogs and forests. The Republic needs additional funds to extinguish.

«To aviation equipment applies strict rules manual. Our and Lithuanian helicopters have already reached the period of use on the fire, they should go for the standard service. In this regard, we decided to seek assistance. A firefighter is dangerous work in the center of the hearth, especially where tall trees are burning, they burn the roots and trees were falling. In such places, we want to use aircraft in the EU. In this case, while there is no guarantee that we will receive this help. In Europe raging the more serious fires 20 times more large fire in Sweden and in Serbia too, in Finland. Getting help is the big question,» said Alons.

He also added that work on the fire bring results.

«The situation is very serious, these fires we have every ten years, or even less frequently. In this regard, attracted large resources. But there is good news — for the last three days, we saw that the intensity of combustion is reduced. If you continue with the same weather conditions, we think we will be able to keep the fire within the perimeter, which we defined on the second day of fighting. Just give to burn what’s inside, this intense phase of burning ends,» said Alons.

He also answered the question, did the Latvian firemen a request for assistance from the neighbours to the East.

«I spoke with the Belarusian experts with whom we have a large experience of cooperation. I considered the possibility, but while waiting for assistance from the EU,» said Alons.

A fire at a peat bog in Valdaisky parish began on Tuesday, July 17, after the flames spread to the forest. According to the EU programme Copernicus is already burned 1010,5 hectares of forest.

The government at an extraordinary meeting on Monday decided to support the request for international assistance in putting out the fire near Talsi.

The Minister of internal Affairs Richard Kozlowski after the Cabinet meeting said that the Cabinet of Ministers decided to request international assistance in the framework of civil defence, EU and NATO. Assistance will be requested immediately, today, but how quickly the participating countries will respond to it, is still unknown, the Minister said.