In the U.S., has released a controversial TV series «Who’s America?»

© Flickr / Robert S. DonovanТелевизионный remote. Archival photoIn the U.S., has released a controversial TV series «Who’s America?»© Flickr / Robert S. Donovan

British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, known for the films «Borat,» «the Dictator,» «Bruno», appeared again on TV — now with the series «Who is this America?» (Who is America?). Until the light came only two episodes, but they have already managed to cause resonance in the country and received wide coverage from the media.

In the TV series «Who’s America?» Cohen plays several characters — a far-right supporter of conspiracy theories, liberal democratic activist, an Israeli expert on counter-terrorism, artist, just released from prison, and an Italian billionaire and a photographer. Participating in the show, people are not even aware that they spoke British comedian, and agree to give an interview to one of his characters.

Artificially created by Cohen and his team has led to very real and very alarming results. So, in the way of an Israeli expert on counterterrorism, which is supposedly 13 years he served in the Mossad, the actor met with a member of the house of representatives, Georgia Republican Jason Spencer, infamous for his controversial statements, in particular, the ban on the wearing of the burqa. In this episode, Cohen — he Herran Morad — Spencer teaches the lessons of self-defense from terrorists. The legislator voluntarily removed his pants and ran behind Cohen, shouting «America» as «Israeli expert» told him that the terrorists are most afraid of becoming homosexuals because of the «touching of naked body parts.» Also Spencer posing as a Chinese tourist with a phone and selfie stick to take a photo of under the burka and «determine» whether a person is under Islamic clothing a terrorist.

Before you start «training» Cohen asked a Republican what to do if it attacks a terrorist, and how to attract attention. The comedian suggested that the need to shout what everyone will pay attention. «In America, there is one forbidden word. The word on the letter N». After this, Spencer began to shout offensive word «nigger». Cohen later interrupted him, saying it was disgusting, and he meant the word «nuni» (fictional word). This caused a huge wave of criticism of the legislator, after which he had to make a statement where he made it clear that he no longer plans to run.

The characters of Cohen bought many other American politicians. In the first couple of episodes actor conducted interviews with a number of congressmen and convince them to advocate for permission to bear arms for children of three, with Senator and former candidate for US President Bernie Sanders, and even ex-Vice President Dick Cheney. With Cheney Cohen also made in the image of the Israeli expert. He asked the former policy about torture and about how the terrorists killed and tens of thousands of «potential terrorists».

As writes Washington Post, the series consists of 7 episodes. Personality who took part in this show are kept secret. The stated purpose of the series is to show the real face of America today.

It is unknown whether Cohen to interview someone from the US administration. However, in 2003, the British actor who played the fictional MC Ali g was able to take a short interview of Donald trump. Then he tried to imagine the businessman his «invention» gloves to eat ice cream and not get dirty.