Israel resumes fuel supplies to Gaza

© AFP 2018 / Ahmad GharabliФлаг of Israel. Archival photoIsrael resumes fuel supplies to Gaza© 2018 AFP / Ahmad Gharabli

Israel on Tuesday takes effect during the week the ban on fuel supplies to the Gaza strip, easing the blockade in response to the decrease in the intensity of Palestinian attacks, said a Ministry of defence.

The abolition of the remaining restrictions on work «Kerem Shalom», the only freight crossing on the border of the enclave, the Israelis continue to be linked with the complete cessation of unrest on the border and launch balloons with flammable substances.

«Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has decided on the partial reopening of «Kerem Shalom». From 12.00 Tuesday (time coincides with Moscow — ed.) permitted the supply of fuel in addition to food and medicines,» — said in a press release.

«The Minister’s decision based on the fact that (the ruling in the Gaza strip, the movement — ed.) Hamas did not stop completely the terrorist attack, but tries to maintain a low level of launches of fiery balls and unrest on the border,» — said the military Department.

Seeking an end to Palestinian attacks, the Israelis earlier in the month announced the closure of «Kerem Shalom» for commercial exports and imports, and a week ago imposed an embargo on fuel supplies to the Gaza strip.