The Federation Council will study the effects bezbashennyh of tariffs on the prices of tickets

© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova in fotosensasi in the plane. Archival photoThe Federation Council will study the effects bezbashennyh of tariffs on the prices of tickets© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova the image Bank

The Federation Council will examine why the introduction a year ago bezbashennyh of airline tariffs has not led to lower prices for tickets, as is predicted in the industry, the corresponding order was given on Tuesday at a meeting of the chamber Committee of the Federation Council on economic policy at the initiative of Senator Vladimir Poletaev.

«A year ago we adopted the law on the introduction of bezbashennyh tariffs of the airlines, however, despite assurances, the prices of the tickets and did not decrease», — said the Senator.

Poletaev also said that between airlines and passengers is constantly having disagreements about what can be considered hand Luggage, as well as «forms of umbrellas, briefcases and baskets for flowers» and «friendliness» of airlines in relation to passengers «has become a byword».

«I suggest in summer to compare nationwide prices on tickets at the time of adoption of the law and at the moment, and to authorize the economic policy Committee to analyze data,» he said.

The results of the analysis of the economic Committee will hold a November meeting with representatives of airlines.

Government the law provides for the right of airlines to exclude the norm of free baggage allowance if the passenger sold non-refundable ticket, was adopted last year.

Maxim Sokolov, who held the post of Minister of transport of the Russian Federation, noted that the decline in prices by 10-20% within the non-refundable rates will be a very effective measure. Loukoster «Victory» has expressed readiness to reduce their base rates in the range of 20% after the adoption of this law. Market experts believed that this example will be followed by other Russian airlines.