The OSCE is concerned about the claim of Salvini to the writer of the post on Twitter

© AP Photo / Luca Salvini, Shipmate. Archival photoThe OSCE is concerned about the claim of Salvini to the writer of the post on Twitter© AP Photo / Luca Bruno

The OSCE representative on freedom of the media, Harlem Desir concerned about the claim of the Deputy Prime Minister and interior Minister of Italy Matteo Salvini to the writer and debunker of the mafia, Roberto Saviano.

Salvini last week filed a lawsuit on Saviano, accusing him of defamation. The occasion was the post of Saviano on Twitter, where he posted a picture of a dead woman with a child in the Mediterranean sea and asked, «how much fun» the Minister, known for his tough anti-immigration policy, gets from this image.

«Was concerned to learn that Matteo Salvini filed a lawsuit on protection of honor and dignity against Roberto Saviano. Ministers and officials must have a higher threshold of criticism and respect the critical opinion, extremely important for public debate and information,» reads the statement of the Dezir on Twitter.

Saviano, became world famous thanks to the novel-reportage about the mafia «Gomorrah». After the book’s publication in 2006, the writer is under police protection for fear of reprisals from criminals.

Based on the book was shot the same film, which was nominated in 2008 for the prize «Oscar». The writer is also involved in journalistic work, in cooperation with the leading Newspapers of Italy and also USA, UK, Germany and some other countries. His topics are the revelations of the crimes of the mafia.