The party fighting in the Donbass broke his jaw for shouting «Glory to Ukraine»

© RIA Novosti / Stringreplace in fotoreceptori Ukrainian police in Kiev. Archival photoThe party fighting in the Donbass broke his jaw for shouting «Glory to Ukraine»© RIA Novosti / Stringreplace the image Bank

In Cherkasy, the participant of military operations in the Donbass broke his jaw for shouting «Glory to Ukraine». This was reported by an eyewitness of the incident Vitaliy Melnichenko on his page in Facebook.

According to Melnichenko, his friend «almost killed» the leader of the «National housing» in the Cherkassy Dmitry Kukharchuk, along with his «gang.»

In comments to local media, the witness said about the incident. He, the victim and another friend with his wife had a rest in one of entertaining institutions of the city. Upon learning of the victory of boxer Alexander Usik in the battle with the Russians by Murat Gassiev, comrade Melnichenko shouted «Glory to Ukraine».

One of the representatives of the «National body» this exclamation seemed «too loud», and between them and a fight ensued. The nationalists broke the party fighting in the Donbass, the jaw, and also beat the couple who were in the institution together with the victim.

«For them nothing is sacred. And women are beaten, and people with disabilities. When I tried to remove all on camera, Kukharchuk knocked from my hand phone and started beating», — said Melnichenko. The victims appealed to law enforcement agencies.

«National housing» — nationalist party, created on the basis of the battalion «Azov», against whom in Russia opened a criminal case.

«Glory To Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!» — the slogan of the Ukrainian insurgent army*. During the Second world war, she fought against Soviet troops on the side of the Nazis. In recent years, this greeting has found in Ukraine the popularity, often it is used in modern politics.

*The organization is banned in Russia.