Ukrainian politician personally tested the Crimean bridge

© Photo : home «the Crimean bridge» in Contactarse bridge. Archive photoUkrainian politician personally tested the Crimean bridge© Photo : home «the Crimean bridge» in Vkontakte

Ukrainian politician and former member of Parliament Alexei Zhuravko traveled by car to the Crimean bridge and shared his impressions from traveling to the Peninsula.

In the recorded video Zhuravko appealed to his compatriots and said that the bridge will have a positive impact on the economy of the Peninsula and the well-being of the Crimean people. According to him, the viaduct was built «efficiently, for centuries».

«You have no idea how big the traffic flow is from the mainland Russia. People really go to the Crimea to rest,» wrote ex-MP in Facebook.

The politician urged people not to believe the Ukrainian «liablities», telling that «the bridge will collapse or it does not exist.»

«The Ukrainian authorities sit outcasts, crooks, liars and jealous <…> idiots. I personally envy and happy for you, Crimeans, and Russia that such a megaproject as Crimean bridge, is already running», — shared his emotions the former MP.

According to him, Ukraine would have received a «tremendous benefit» if it had not tried to hinder the implementation of the project, and joined the construction of the overpass.

This would facilitate the establishment of economic relations between States, noted Zhuravko.

«I am confident that there will come a day when the borders between us will not be», — concluded the politician.

The bridge across the Kerch Strait connected the Crimea and Krasnodar Krai. The viaduct was the longest in Russia — the bridge length was 19 miles. Vehicular traffic on the highway was started six months before the initial term. The trains will begin in 2019.

Ukrainian politician personally tested the Crimean bridgeWhat you need to know about the bridge across the Kerch Strait