About ten thousand electronic ballot boxes used in the elections on 9 September

© RIA Novosti / Nina Sociability in photobackpack ballot processing. Archival photoAbout ten thousand electronic ballot boxes used in the elections on 9 September© RIA Novosti news Agency / Nina Sociability the image Bank

The order of 9-10 thousand complexes of processing of ballots (COHIBA) will be applied throughout the country’s regional elections to the single voting day September 9, it’s a big part available in the country today devices, said the Deputy head of the CEC of Russia Nikolay Bulaev.

«Around nine, if not ten of thousands of Cohiba is used in elections to a single day of voting. It’s a big part of what we have today,» said Bulaev at the meeting of the Central election Commission on Wednesday. He asked colleagues in the regions ahead of elections to re-launch public testing of these devices is to explain the principles of operation and give people the opportunity to experience them before election day.

At the meeting on Wednesday, the Central election Commission also decided to allocate electoral Committee of Saratov region for the upcoming elections to the state Duma of the seventh convocation additional 42 devices new sample (COHIBA-2017). These complexes are delivered to region of the Penza region, and after the election on 9 September there will be returned.

According to the data voiced at the meeting, the CEC member Anton Lopatin, the by-election of deputies of the state Duma of the seventh convocation to be held on 9 September in seven one-mandatory districts, will be applied generally 710 Cohiba with an acceptable reserve in the amount of 40 devices.