«Bigfoot»: the United States explored the bones of the dinosaur with the biggest feet

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Bones found 20 years ago in the mountains of the black hills in the Northern part of the Great plains in North America were the largest foot of a dinosaur, reports the journal PeerJ, citing published research.

According to the publication, in 1941, the Morrison formation, the rock unit of the late Jurassic period, the expedition of the University of Wyoming have discovered the femur of a dinosaur in a remote area of the black hills. And already in the summer of 1998 expedition of the University of Kansas found huge bones of the foot of a dinosaur. For the abnormally large size of the foot this pattern is called Bigfoot (Bigfoot, big foot).

«When comparing our measurements with all the other large sauropods (the large group of four-footed herbivorous dinosaurs), Bigfoot was more than any other samples, which are ever reported. Although this does not mean that it is the largest dinosaur in the world: a huge sauropods are known from other locations, but they have not kept samples of the foot to be measured and compared,» write the authors of the study.

Scientists estimate that the body length of the dinosaur reached 23-24 feet.

The researchers found that the findings resemble the bones of herbivorous dinosaur of the sauropod Brachiosaurus, but they do not overlap with the samples of bones of this animal, so scientists can’t confidently say that they belong to Brachiosaurus.