Britain is ready to help Greece fight fires

© RIA Novosti / Kostis to Tantalisingly in photobacteria as a result of forest fires on the street, Mati, Greece. 25 July 2018Britain is ready to help Greece fight fires© RIA Novosti / Kostis to Tantalisingly the image Bank

The UK is ready to provide Greece any necessary assistance in connection with fires, said the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa may.

In Greece this week, there have been several major forest fires, which killed about 80 people in Attica declared a state of emergency. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has declared three-day mourning for the victims, the Prosecutor’s office of Greece launched an investigation into the causes of fires, and the military are preparing to take part in extinguishing the fires that swept Eastern Attica.

«Britain supports the people of Greece who survived the tragic events. We are ready to provide any support you can,» said Mei held Wednesday a telephone conversation with Tsipras.

The transcript of the conversation was circulated by the office of the British Prime Minister.

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