Chinese archaeologists have discovered tombs 136 III-VIII century BC

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Archaeologists in East China’s Shandong province found 136 ancient tombs in the cemetery period dynasty Eastern Zhou (771 — 221 BC), said Wednesday the Agency Xinhua.

The cemetery is located in the village of Dachang city district Tengzhou, excavations, according to archaeologist Liu Arcana, began in October last year. Since the beginning of the excavations to date have failed to detect 100 small and 36 large tomb, extract from them more than 800 artifacts, including ceramics, objects made of jade, bone and bronze.

«Based on the size of the tombs, the placement and number of funerary objects, we can conclude that large and medium-sized tombs belong to persons of the upper class, their nationality is not yet established,» — said the scientist.

According to him, the tomb, belonging to the person with the highest social position, is a room area of 40 square metres, which discovered a multitude of objects, and the remains of five people buried alive with the owner.

The identity of the owner of the tomb is difficult to identify, as earlier burial had been looted, said Liu Anican.

According to researchers, the discovery will help better understand the formation and development of culture in the region.