In Moscow started accepting applications for the elections of the mayor at the location of

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Pesnyary mayor. Archival photoIn Moscow started accepting applications for the elections of the mayor at the location of© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Song

Reception of statements of voters have decided to vote in a «Mobile voter», that is, at the place of their actual location, including the «country» polling station for the mayoral election, to be held in Moscow on Wednesday, said the head of the Public headquarters for the observation of elections, member of the Moscow Public chamber Alexei Venediktov.

In order to exercise the right to vote on the actual location, citizens need to fill out an application on the portal or visit any office «My documents» or to the territorial election Commission.

«Today earned a «Mobile voter,» which will allow residents of the capital to be attributed to the new extraterritorial polling stations on elections of the mayor of Moscow. I will remind that on elections of the President of Russia in March 2018 was discharged from Moscow, and voted outside of the capital 242 thousands of citizens», — said Venediktov told reporters.

He stressed that the vote on the extraterritorial areas will fully meet Moscow standard elections everywhere will be attended by qualified observers, who will ensure the total control over the electoral process.

As noted by the head of the working group on education of the extraterritorial areas, the Chairman of the Moscow city Duma Alexey Shaposhnikov, the successful implementation of mobile voting called the Moscow city election Commission to give permission for the formation of electoral precincts outside the territory of the city of Moscow.

«Now the voters outside of the capital, will participate in the election of the mayor at their location. This is especially important for truckers, who spend most of the summer season spend in the city… we Gardeners just fall in the category of mobile voters because they get the chance to vote where it’s convenient for them, without changing their plans,» said Shaposhnikov.

He stressed that all procedures necessary to ensure transparency of the elections will be conducted in accordance with the electoral law.

The mayoral elections will be held in the capital on September 9. The twelfth of July, the Moscow election Committee at the session has registered four candidates for the position of mayor of the capital, they were the acting mayor, Sergei Sobyanin, head of the municipal district Taganskaya Ilya Sviridov from «Fair Russia», Deputy of the state Duma Mikhail Degtyarev from the liberal democratic party and former state Duma Deputy Vadim Cumin from the Communist party.

A bill to create a country polling stations was made by the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. As the mayor noted, this was done at the request of the citizens, as the elections are to be held on September 9 — the «country» Sunday in the fall. Previously, the Moscow election Committee approved the list of the 209 polling stations country, organized in Moscow, Kaluga, Tula and Vladimir regions.