Japan has asked Russia to «understand» the law of the Kuril Islands

© RIA Novosti / Andrey to Aproperate in fotobanka of Yuzhno-Kurilsk. Archival photoJapan has asked Russia to «understand» the law of the Kuril Islands© RIA Novosti / Andrey to Aproperate the image Bank

The Chairman of the Committee on financial policy and Finance of the upper chamber of the Japanese Parliament plus the Hasegawa asks Moscow to be sensitive to the recently adopted amendments to the law «On special measures to promote the solution to the problem of Northern territories».

«I understand the Russian position. We were preparing the amendment, because he was fully convinced of the importance of interregional cooperation and implementation of joint economic activities with Russia,» said Hasegawa at a meeting with Russian senators in the Federation Council.

According to him, the amendments allow «to use the Fund in the amount of ten billion yen (5.7 billion rubles)».

Hasegawa urged Russian senators to pay special attention to the fact that, despite all the difficulties in relations between the two countries, these amendments are aimed at implementation of joint economic activity.

Answering the question won’t change in Japanese law to the promotion of joint economic activities with Russia in the South Kuril Islands, Hasegawa said that the amendment was initiated by the deputies who have a strong desire to develop relations with Russia. «We can say, we have created a legal framework in order to support joint business activities, which was agreed earlier, the two leaders», he added.

Earlier the Russian foreign Ministry said that the introduction of Japan of amendments to the law of the southern Kuril Islands are an impediment to the promotion of talks on joint economic activities on the Islands. The Ministry noted that in the enacted bill, joint economic activity directly linked to the false thesis about the «original facilities» in Japan the South Kuril Islands and de facto is in line with the measures «early return of the Northern territories». In Moscow see this as an attempt to prejudge the outcome of negotiations and to impose on Russia are unacceptable solutions to the problem of a peace Treaty.

The problem of the Kuril Islands

In September 2017 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe discussed the possibility of joint activities on Islands in five areas: marine aquaculture, greenhouse agriculture, tourism, wind energy and recycling of garbage. The southern Kuril Islands has twice visited the Japanese business mission to explore prospects of cooperation with Russian partners. In the near future it is expected the third similar trip.