Movie premieres of the week: the new «Mission impossible» and romance Kechiche

© Fotolia / nyulЗрители in the cinema. Archival photoMovie premieres of the week: the new «Mission impossible» and romance Kechiche© Fotolia / nyul

Another part of the franchise with Tom cruise «Mission: impossible consequences,» romance from the recipient of the Palme d’or Abdellatif Kechiche «Maktub, my love», Russian drama «the Witnesses» and the second part is about the adventures of a boy and dog «Belle and Sebastian» come to the Russian screens this week.

Mission: impossible-the consequences

Tom cruise starred in the sixth part of the franchise «Mission impossible» about secret service agent Ethan hunt. The Director’s chair this time it took Christopher mcquarrie, who directed the Thriller «Jack Reacher» also with Tom cruise. This time hunt and his team performed by Alec Baldwin, Simon Pegg and Ving Rasa, as well as some of his former allies (Rebecca Ferguson, Michelle Monaghan) trying to pass the time after the mission did not go according to plan. The main villain in the film played the mustachioed Henry Cavill, and all the tricks, as usual, Cruz has done himself, which was even injured during filming.

The movie left foreign critics overjoyed, and some dubbed it the main fighter of the year.

Maktub, my love

The new film from the holder of «Golden palm» Abdellatif Kechiche. The picture tells the medical student Amina, who quits his studies and returns from Paris to his native town in the South of France. There are all busy just swimming in the sea, dancing till dawn, food, love, and talking about it. Hot and sweet summer, filled with sunshine, sea spray and a beautiful young bodies, is pulled as an endless vacation in which heroes you want to stay forever. Critics say that after his incredibly successful film «Life Adele» Keshish he lost his grip, and he never managed to complete a beautiful picture at least some content.


Russian film Director after three short films about prisoners of concentration camps within the framework of the anthology «Witnesses» gives them in full-length form. The film «Witnesses» takes place in the mid-twentieth century, the basis of the story lies the theme of the search for relatives, roots, search for himself.

«In the picture and an unexpected intricate way intertwined fates of people, faced with great tragedy, trapped in a concentration camp. A striking dissonance between the happy life, youth, love and terrible face of war, so suddenly and dramatically burst into the world of heroes of a tape, allows you to fully immerse yourself in the story. Despite the tragedy of the event, the theme of love gathers together all the storylines and makes empathize with the heroes,» — say the filmmakers.

The main role in the film was played by Philip Yankovsky, Oksana Fandera, Vladimir Koshevoy, V. Chepurenko, Lenn Kudryavitsky, Mikhail Gorevoy, Mary king, Marusya Zykova, Anna Churina.

Belle and Sebastian: the adventure continues

In the second part of the adventures of a young boy named Sebastian and his best friend, Pyrenean mountain dog Belle in the small French town of Saint-Martin on the border with Switzerland came back peaceful and regular life, but did not return Angelina. Once in town comes terrible news: the plane that Angelina came back home, crashed somewhere in the Alpine forests. No one but Sebastian doesn’t believe that the girl could be saved. True friends Belle and Sebastian go in search of Angelina.