Named the most expensive shadow kiberpipa

© Fotolia / Denys PrykhodovБанкомат. Archival photoNamed the most expensive shadow kiberpipa© Fotolia / Denys Prykhodov

The creation of malicious software (VPO) for ATMs is the most expensive hacker available at the shadow online, the demand for such programs exceeds the supply by three times, the research company Positive Technologies (specializiruetsya in the field of information security).

«The study showed that the demand for services to establish professional education today exceeds supply by three times and to distribute it ― twice. This situation suggests the demand among criminals new tools that are becoming more accessible through partnerships, programs, services, rental, education and distribution models «as a service», the study says.

Assessing minimum and average value of different tools and services that are sold on the grounds of the shadow segment of the Internet, the experts came to the conclusion that the most expensive cyberprotection was VPO for carrying out logical attacks on ATMs. Prices for finished professional education in this class starts from 1,5 thousand dollars.

According to the company, the main market demand criminal cyberplus natural are services related to the development and dissemination of professional education (55%). Also widespread cryptobinary (20%), hacking tools (19%), VPO to create botnets (14%), Trojans for remote access and ransomware (each share ― 12%).

According to experts, most of the requests break-in «darknet» (the shadow of the Internet – ed.) is related to the search for vulnerabilities on websites (36%) and obtaining passwords from e-mail (32%). Among the services offered are leading the hacking account of social networking (33%) and email (33%). Analysts Positive Technologies connect these results with people’s desire to access the correspondence of others.