Of the IG group* has claimed responsibility for the attack in Pakistan

© REUTERS / Naseer Ahmed security Officers near the scene of the explosion of the polling station in Quetta in Pakistan. 25 July 2018Of the IG group* has claimed responsibility for the attack in Pakistan© REUTERS / Naseer Ahmed

Terrorist group «Islamic state»* took responsibility for the bombing in the Pakistani city of Quetta (Balochistan province), victims of which, according to the latest data, more than 30 people, reports Geo TV.

As previously reported, the explosion made a suicide bomber who was about to attack one of the polling stations, which opened on Wednesday on the occasion of national elections. At the entrance to the station, he was stopped by the police, after which the action was activated which was with him an explosive device. Soon came a team of engineers who discovered the remains of the terrorist unexploded grenade.

According to the latest reports, the attack killed 31 people, at least 35 were injured varying degrees of severity. To date, all victims are delivered in hospitals. Among the victims were five police officers.

In Pakistan on Wednesday held General elections to the National Assembly (lower house of Parliament) and the regional legislative bodies of the country. Stations across the country opened at 08.00 local time (06.00 GMT) and will operate for 10 hours to 18.00 (16.00 GMT). In total, according to the electoral Commission, your voice will be able to give about 105 million people.

* A terrorist organization banned in Russia