On the beach in Alexandria found a rare loggerhead sea turtle

© Photo : J. Roger BrothersГоловастая sea turtle. Archive photoOn the beach in Alexandria found a rare loggerhead sea turtle© Photo : J. Roger Brothers

Listed in the international Red book loggerhead sea turtle appeared on one of the beaches of Alexandria, Egypt on the Mediterranean sea, writes news portal «Youm7».

Sixty pound female, whose age scientists estimate at age 60, went ashore to lay their eggs.

As Governor of Alexandria, Mohammed Suleiman, a turtle found on the beach in the heart of Glim. The place were sent to the experts involved in the rescue of turtles. They confirmed that the loggerhead turtle climbed onto the land to make a nest and lay eggs. Rescuers sent the animal back to sea, but will keep an eye on the beach, where there is a turtle nest and where, quite likely, the turtle will return again.

The Governor of Alexandria requested the experts to ensure the safety of the beach, «given the important role loggerhead sea turtles in maintaining the natural balance of the Mediterranean sea.»