On the Tajik-Afghan border seized about 100 kg of drugs

© RIA Novosti / hushnud to Rahmatullaeva in fotobanka the Tajik-Afghan borderOn the Tajik-Afghan border seized about 100 kg of drugs© RIA Novosti / hushnud to Rahmatullaeva the image Bank

About 100 kilograms of drugs seized on the Tajik-Afghan during the RAID, also killed three Afghan smugglers, detained six of their Tajik accomplices, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday the press-Secretary of administration of border troops of state Committee of national security of Tajikistan (SCNS) Muhammad Ulughodjaev.

«Military personnel of border troops of Tajikistan held operational investigative activities and special operations in the area of responsibility of border detachment «Hamadoni». The result was prevented illegal crossings of the state border, attempt of transfer of drugs of Afghan smugglers on the territory of Tajikistan, also registered three armed clashes,» he said.

According to him, during armed clashes Tajik border guards neutralized the three armed Afghan smugglers, and their six accomplices – citizens of Tajikistan were detained.

«All the smugglers under pressure from the Tajik border guards were forced to withdraw in the neighboring territory», — said Ulughodjaev.

According to him, within the framework of the special operation was discovered firearms, approximately 94 kilograms of opium and 15 kilograms of heroin.