Scientists have found a way to prevent vision loss

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Researchers from Imperial and University College London have developed a new way of delivering curcumin, scientists believe, will allow us to better diagnose and treat glaucoma at an early stage. It is reported portal Medical Xpress.

This is contained in the turmeric pigment protects the nerve cells of the retina from damage. First, the researchers believed that curcumin can deliver only by the oral route, but this method could not be effective, because the component is poorly soluble in blood. In order to obtain the desired dose of the substance, a person would have to take up to 24 tablets a day, which is fraught with problems with digestion.

This problem the researchers decided, having developed a special «nanoneedle» in which curcumin was contained inside surface-active substances, safe for health and is used in eye drops.

Experts say that the new delivery method increases the permeability of curcumin 400 thousand times and allows to localize the agent in the eye tissues. Experiments on sufferers of glaucoma rats showed that the use of droplets reduces the rate of degradation of the retina.

Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases characterized by increased intraocular pressure. The patient may develop various defects of vision including blindness.