The expert urged to avoid the creation of monopolies when registering a car from a dealer

© Fotolia / ZinkevychПокупка machine. Archival photoThe expert urged to avoid the creation of monopolies when registering a car from a dealer© Fotolia / Zinkevych

When checking out dealers need to prevent the creation of monopolies among the sellers of cars that could dictate the drivers of high prices for services results numbers, the coordinator society «Blue buckets» Peter Shkumatov.

The state Duma on Wednesday, July 25, adopted in the third final reading the law that allows the registration of new cars without a visit to the traffic police. The project was submitted to the lower house of Parliament in 2011, the first reading he was held in 2013 and since then was on the completion.

According to the law, the main innovation will affect buyers of new cars from official dealers. Now they will not have to go to the traffic police to put the car on the account. In addition, the division of police will assign a room only and marks the owner of the car can get from the manufacturer themselves. All firms shall include in the registry, the marginal rates for them will develop FAS.

«All this is done in order to avoid the appearance of unmarked vehicles on our streets. That is, it will look like you come to buy the dealer a new car and all initial registration steps, including the issuance of license plates themselves will be remote to make himself a dealer. But there is another problem associated with the formation of a kind of mini — monopoly man came to buy a new car, and it announces the price, for example, 20 thousand rubles for the issuance of the rooms,» — said Shkumatov.

According to experts, should set the maximum rate for the provision of such services by private organizations, but the excess of this tariff must be punished «fairly serious» penalties against sellers of cars.

«In General, car owners will become much easier, more practical, and we will be able to buy a new car without the hassle that usually accompany this pleasant event,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

In addition, the document divides the concept of state license plate (metal plate, which is applied to the characters) and public rooms (a combination of letters and numbers). The law determines the legal and organizational framework, purpose of state registration of transport vehicles, rights and duties of participants of the relations arising in connection with the registration.

As reported by «Kommersant», the draft does not mention the possibility to use a customized combination of letters and numbers, although in the early versions of the document she was.