The group Distemper refused to speak at the festival «Invasion»

CC BY-SA 3.0 / Frank Schwichtenberg / band Distemper. Archival photoThe group Distemper refused to speak at the festival «Invasion»CC BY-SA 3.0 / Frank Schwichtenberg /

Distemper band cancelled their gig on the festival «Invasion», reported on his page in Facebook.

The musicians explained that he made this decision in solidarity with punk groups and on their own convictions.

Distemper was founded in 1989 as a hardcore punk band, and later began to record albums in the style of ska-punk. The band has released 21 albums.

Previously, the group «Porn», «Eorsi» and «Elysium», and singer Monetochka refused to participate in the festival. Most of the musicians explained their decision by participating in the Ministry of defense. Office 2013 regularly takes part in the «Invasion».

«Invasion-2018» to be held on August 3-5 in the Big Zavidovo the Tver region. It is expected that the festival will be about 150 groups, including «Alice», «Leningrad», «Aria», «picnic».