The interior Ministry told about the situation with complaints of a possible murderer in Serpukhov

© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova in fotobanka. Archival photoThe interior Ministry told about the situation with complaints of a possible murderer in Serpukhov© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova the image Bank

The policeman, who did not initiate a criminal case in Serpukhov after complaints of a suspect in the murder of five girls, left bodies in September 2017, this is not a current staff member, told RIA Novosti head of press service GU MVD of Russia Moscow region Tatyana Petrova.

Previously RF IC reported that on suspicion in murder of the girl in Serpukhov detained a local resident born in 1990 Alexander Semin. Previously it is established that the girl disappeared on July 22, with a children’s Playground near the house in which lived together with the family. Her body was found Monday in a sports bag near the railroad in Serpukhov. Investigators opened a criminal case.

Senior assistant GSSC of Russia across Moscow region Olga Brady on July 23 said that investigators will check to suspect involvement in other similar crimes. According to her, in mass media there was information that the detainee allegedly had tried to commit unlawful acts against children, but the police officers without proper attention reacted to the calls of anxious parents.

«Administrative site in Serpukhov, in whose territory it was committed particularly grave crimes against five girls, is not included and was not included earlier in the service area of precinct police MU Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia «Serpukhov» police captain Ilya Ryzhakova. This site served… a former policeman, dismissed from bodies of internal Affairs in September 2017 in respect of which the investigating authorities at the moment a procedural decision», – said Petrov.

According to investigators, on 6 June 2017, the district was instructed to conduct an audit on the fact of application of a local resident of committing Semin in relation to her daughter’s unlawful actions. However, a police officer, knowing that the fact of performing in his area of crimes against minors is a negative indicator of work and not wanting to conduct a comprehensive and objective test for the involvement of the Semina to the crime, July 4, 2017, issued the resolution on refusal in excitation of criminal case.

The Tajikistan foreign Ministry on Wednesday confirmed that the victim in Serpukhov the girl is a citizen of their country and sent the foreign Ministry a note with the requirement to conduct a thorough investigation and severely punish the offender.