The Ministry of Finance presented updated amendments to the law «About insurance», media reported

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Bogodeeva in photobacteria of insurance policy. Archival photoThe Ministry of Finance presented updated amendments to the law «About insurance», media reported© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Bogodeeva the image Bank

The Ministry of Finance transferred to the Department concerned for approval of the updated amendments to the law «About insurance». About this newspaper «Vedomosti».

Now the price of insurance is determined on the basis of the base rate is adjusted for seniority and age of the driver, the number of insurance cases, state and engine power.

The Ministry of Finance, in turn, proposes to establish the dependence of the value of the policy from driving. Will take into account such factors as violation of the rules, the harshness of braking and rebuild, the frequency and duration of use of the machine, the speed of movement. Record their will, including using installed on the vehicle telematics devices, the newspaper said.

In addition, the cost of policy OSAGO can grow and due to traffic violations, except those that are fixed cameras, for example, driving under alcohol or drugs, exceeding the speed limit by over 60 kilometers per hour, journey on forbidding signal of the traffic light and travel into the oncoming lane.

The cost of the policy in any event will not exceed the upper limit of the basic rate more than tripled, the newspaper said. To develop requirements for the structure of tariffs and the maximum value of the coefficients will be the Central Bank.

The Ministry of Finance also proposes to move to different types of policies with different payout limits. The amendments contain three options: the current 400 thousand rubles for damage to property and to 500 thousand rubles — to the life and health or one million or two million rubles.

It is noted that to issue the policy with great payouts possible only with the consent of the insurer. In addition, motorists will be able to purchase insurance from three years, the newspaper notes.

In turn the chief of Department of products of insurance of «Ingosstrakh» Sergey Mkrtchyan stated that the policies with higher payouts will benefit the scammers, which the insurers is not selling dsago. The coefficients of territories and power are fundamental, their exclusion would be a «critical step» for the CTP and will only aggravate the crisis in it, says Director of development of insurance MAX Sergey Pechnikov. He believes that insurers can go of the most unprofitable regions. Residents at least emergency regions «will pay for customers from failing,» says Mkrtchyan.