The moon could be life, researchers found

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Several billion years ago the moon could dwell organisms. To such conclusion scientists from the University of Washington and the University of London, informs a portal

Suitable conditions for the existence of primitive forms of life, according to researchers, has developed on Earth approximately four billion years ago, shortly after its formation and during the period of maximum volcanic activity about 3.5 billion years ago.

In these ages from the depths of the moon pulled out a significant amount of hot gases, including water vapor. As scientists believe, thanks to the moon’s surface could be formed in water bodies, and atmosphere, dense enough to survive for millions of years.

These findings are based on data from recent space missions and analysis of samples of lunar rocks, which made it possible to establish that water on the moon more than was commonly believed.

«We believe that if the moon has long been present liquid water and atmosphere, the lunar surface could at least temporarily be habitable,» said one of the study’s authors Dirk Schulze-Makuch. The most likely scenario for the emergence of life on Earth is the migration of organisms on the meteorite, said the scientist.