The only manufacturer of liquid chlorine in Ukraine resumed work

© Photo : JSC DNIPROAZOTПредприятие chemical industry of Ukraine Dniproazot. Archive photoThe only manufacturer of liquid chlorine in Ukraine resumed work© Photo : DNIPROAZOT JSC

The only manufacturer of liquid chlorine in Ukraine, the company «Dniproazot» working again after stopping and shipped the first batch of products, said in Wednesday’s Television news service (TSN) Ukrainian TV channel «1+1».

«DneprAzot» due to the cost of energy and resultant loss stopped completely stopped the work, including the work of the chlorine group workshops, the production volume of which is 10% of the total. Later Dniproazot resumed operation of plants for the production of chlorine, while the cost of chlorine increased to 47 thousand hryvnia (about 1.6 thousand dollars) per tonne, which is almost five times more expensive than in 2017.

«Ukraine’s only plant for the manufacture of chlorine working again after stopping, but only 10% of its capacity. His workers held a picket under the Antitrust Committee and asked the officials to help, a critical situation is not repeated», — stated in the message of TSN.

It is reported that the first tank liquid chlorine for disinfection of water have already arrived in Kharkov.

According to the channel, the plant resumed the production of chlorine, but other facilities remain unused — the production of mineral fertilizers and other products of basic chemistry, yet unprofitable.