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The Prime Minister of Laos has reported 131 missing after a dam – Russia news today

The Prime Minister of Laos has reported 131 missing after a dam

© REUTERS / ABC Laos NewsНаводнение caused by the destruction of the dam in Laos. 24 July 2018The Prime Minister of Laos has reported 131 missing after a dam© REUTERS / ABC News Laos

Prime Minister of Laos Thongloun Sisoulith reported that 131 people still unaccounted for after the dam broke the hydroelectric station in the South of the country, reports Xinhua news Agency.

Earlier the number of missing was estimated at 49 people.

The accident occurred Monday in the area Sanami Attapu province, in the South of Laos bordering Vietnam and Cambodia. After the breakthrough construction of additional hydroelectric dams in Sepian-Se Nam Noi, flooding occurred, which were immersed in 6 of the 42 villages of the district Sanamxay (the»village» in Laos – the smallest administrative unit).

«The number of people who have lost their homes has increased to 3060, went missing 131 people. As the flood still did not stop, hit another five or six villages,» the Prime Minister said, without specifying the number killed.

State news Agency KPL Laos on Wednesday reported the deaths of 19 people. According to Vietnamese state news Agency VNA, in the disaster area on Tuesday, the first day of the rescue operation, was found of 28. Volunteers working in the disaster area, has published in social networks another figure — at least 40 dead.

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