The Queen of Russian horror about how became the best European fiction

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Danceparty in fotomonster Anna Starobinets. Archival photoThe Queen of Russian horror about how became the best European fiction© RIA Novosti / Alexei Danceparty the image Bank

The European science fiction society (ESFS) best author recognized the Muscovite Anna Starobinets. This was announced at the festival «Eurocon» in French Amiens. Tridtsatipjatiletnego writer, screenwriter and journalist — the master of mysticism and stories in the genre of lyrical horror. In an interview with RIA Novosti, she said the impact of the award on the literary career and why so few women science fiction writers.

— How did you know about what is recognized as the best science fiction of Europe? What was your first reaction?

— The prize for me was a complete surprise, I learnt that became the winner, totally random, even had no idea that I was someone nominated. I was not in France, and a certificate stating that I was «the best writer», I got in the Hall of fame of someone else, promised me to send. I don’t even know what will be the reward, but it seems to me that this variant is «not money, but glory.»

— How similar premiums generally affect the career?

— Indirectly affect the sales of books. First and foremost, it is important that in principle, the texts were translated in the West, and I have it. In the second place — to the Western reader and a big publisher noticed nobody famous Russian authors, the desired notches. Book award and there is a notch. It increases the chance that you will publish a large circulation, will do a good advertisement, notice in the media because we in the West are absolute terra incognita, especially fiction, and need some kind of verification to talking about you.

— Why so few women science fiction?

— It’s hard to judge whether this is so. Fiction, if you take a narrow genre, it is a literary ghetto to which I am not myself. Yes, I’m using fantastic techniques and assumptions, but in General have the audacity to claim that writing is just literature. Even this is sometimes called high fantasy. I am not in fantastic coterie, and very little read these books. But when I read the novel, Mariam Petrosyan «the House in which…» — this is magical realism, there is fantasy elements, but it is a great literature.

— Your stories remind scripts for popular British series «Black mirror». For example, «Live», which was written back in 2005, almost exactly reproduced in one of the episodes. It was an accident?

— Amazing that you noticed it. This show all my pain. One series is very similar to my story, down to the last detail. Linked to this is a mysterious story: the story of «Live» is a collection of «awkward age», which is two years before leaving the series was translated into English and published in the UK.

Absolutely incomprehensible way the book was published without this story — for reasons unknown to me. But in a few years I was surprised to see actually filming «Live» in the TV series «Black mirror». I’m pretty sure it’s a coincidence, anyway, I have no evidence to accuse someone of plagiarism.

— How influenced the development of the genre of the film adaptation of the super popular fiction like the «Game of thrones»?

— Now there is a good series — not «Slave Izaura» or «Garden ring», but the real good series that are made as a big movie — has replaced the classic novel. What used to be «War and peace» or «Lord of the rings», now turned into a series. But good show, performing the function of literature today is in any genre. I think this is not science fiction, but with the change of format in General: the reader is more sharpened by the visual product, it is easier to watch the show.

— You are well-known as the author of mysticism, but you also write children’s books. I would not dare to buy baby tales of Stephen king, but you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Are you otherwise working on children’s literature?

Of course, the writer, if he was not mad, understand what audience says. There is, of course, he will not admit that they turned grey or started to stutter, it makes a discount on the psychological status and opportunities of perception. I don’t have a lot of books for children. «Good country girls» — it’s a dystopia, not horror, but «Atlantida» all about a cat who travels in time. Now I’m writing a series «Animal detectives» is built on the classic detective Canon book, where the characters — animals. In September will be released the fourth book.