The relics of Admiral Ushakov was taken to Pushkin, where it will move to Kronstadt

© Photo : photo courtesy of the press service of Versamatic Saint Fyodor Ushakov in Greece, LefkadaThe relics of Admiral Ushakov was taken to Pushkin, where it will move to Kronstadt© Photo : photo courtesy of the press service of the ARNS

The power of the legendary naval commander, an Orthodox Saint Admiral Fyodor Ushakov was taken to St. Petersburg Pushkin airport, where will transfer to Kronstadt the day of the Navy, told reporters in the Department of information and mass communications of the Russian defense Ministry.

«Out of the Sanaksar monastery (Republic of Mordovia) to the airfield of Pushkin aircraft military transport aircraft delivered to the relics of Feodor Ushakov, where he held the solemn ceremony. Then the relics will be transported to the Petrovskaya pier of Kronstadt, where the boat of the Navy will proceed along of warships at Kronstadt RAID. After passing boat might take on the Anchor square of Kronstadt and will contribute to the Council», — stated in the message.

According to the report, the power of Ushakov would be in the Kronstadt Cathedral from 25 to 30 July for worship personnel and residents of St. Petersburg and Kronstadt.

Navy day is celebrated in Russia on July 29.

Admiral Fyodor Fyodorovich Ushakov commanded the black sea fleet and the Russian squadron in the Mediterranean, never lost a battle, not lost in battle nor a ship, not one of his subordinates was not captured.

After retirement he lived in monastery and was glorified righteous life. In 2001, the Russian Orthodox Church Ushakov was canonized as a Saint in the rank of the righteous warrior. The icons depicted in naval uniform and with a scroll on which is inscribed his call to future generations: «do Not despair! These terrible storms will turn to the glory of Russia. Faith and love of country will prevail».